Are you sabatoging your weight loss success?

Sometimes I find myself failing over and over when trying to lose some extra pounds. Am I sabotaging myself?

Sabotage. Isn’t that an ugly word? It means “deliberate subversion”, and I see and speak with people daily who do it to themselves with regards to their weight. It’s frightening, because people seem to be doing so well at achieving their goals, then BAM!, it’s all for naught. I’m not talking about shedding three pounds and then eating fast food for a few days and gaining it all back. No, these are people who achieve wonderful things over the course of several months, getting rid of 30, 40, 50, or more pounds. Suddenly, though, almost overnight it seems, they just stop, and in almost no time they’ve gained back everything they’d shed.

So they start again.

Seeing this all around me, I wonder what it is that makes people do this. More importantly, will *I* do it in the near future? What can happen to a person to make them just give up and revert back to their old ways? I’ve done it before, how can I prevent it from happening again?

First, I think one of the biggest reasons we slide back into our old ways (and weighs!) is that we don’t initially associate enough pain with changing. I realize some people may not care for my use of the word ‘pain’, here, so think of it as ‘discomfort’, if you’d rather. Pain/pleasure, comfort/discomfort, they’re the same to me. We try to move towards one and away from the other.

I think we can get caught up in the heat of the moment, and feel a little pain with the thought of not getting rid of excess weight, and desire to make a change. This works for a while, but inevitably, the combination of the short term pain of changing and the pleasure of eating those wickedly decadent foods comes back, and we slide right back into our original state – or worse, we gain MORE weight back. Talk about more pain!

The key, at least for me, is that the pain associated with NOT changing has to be significant. It has to be massive pain, because that’s the only real pain strong enough to elicit a complete changing of your life. For me, this pain was seeing someone have to have his leg removed, just because he didn’t take care of himself. He and I had a lot in common, we did, in that we both had been diagnosed with diabetes but hadn’t been taking care of ourselves. Lucky for me I got to see his example, and not become one myself.

I wish, truly, that there were some magical words I could say, or something I could do to show everyone I meet how to find the pain, but it’s a personal process. You have to look inside yourself, and see what it is that would give you the desire, the motivation, to change your life in a flash. It’s a transformation, really, and it’s instant when you find it. It’s not a gradual thing.

Perhaps you’ll feel your clothes getting tighter, and realize you don’t want to spend the rest of your life buying bigger and bigger outfits. Maybe you’re tired of wheezing when you walk up a single flight of stairs. It could be that you want to be able to play with your kids for hours on end, rather than just watching them play from the safety of a chair on the porch. I don’t know, it has to be personal to you.

If you look for it, you’ll find it.

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Importance of Eating Reasonable Portion Sizes

I often hear horror stories about diet plans that cost a considerable amount of money and, in the end, simply…fail. It’s a common theme in this country. Americans are generally uneducated when it comes to fitness and health sciences. We’ve become a fat nation, and we all share some of the blame.

I believe that every second is a choice. You make a decision on how to live each second of every day. Our lives reflect our ability to make quality decisions. This is where our fault is found; in the poor decisions concerning what to eat and how to live. The good news is we can all make real decisions for the better, and we can do it right now. The bad news is we are not the origin of the problem. Sure we all have contributed to the beast, but the beast was not born of us.

Origin of the Diet Industry

What I call the Diet Industry is really just the combined effort of several large corporations to keep us eating out of their palms. There’s money to be made in the selling of diet plans. It seems like every televised fitness coach is selling a different plan to burn fat. This includes, but is definitely not limited to, Weight Watchers, Atkins Diet, etc.

I’m sure there are genuine success stories associated with each product, but I always get an overwhelming sense of betrayal when these manufacturers come to mind. Why this awful feeling? The answer is as simple as is the most effective “diet” plan I’ve ever known.

How to Eat Correct Portion SizesPortion Control – It’s Really That Simple

Before I go any further, I’d like to make it clear that I personally feel that the current flood of processed and horribly unhealthy foods is one of the most dangerous poisons available to mankind. I also think the one’s supplying the “answer” are the same ones supplying this poison. If eating healthy is to be implemented into your fitness regimen, each person should do their own research and find local, natural, organic food sources.

Once you’ve found a trustworthy source, you can move on to fixing the biggest contributor to weight gain in this country, which – in my opinion – is the lack of portion control.

Healthy Eating

There’s one common denominator to every diet plan I mentioned and the rest alike and that is this: none of them discuss portion control. You have to wonder why? Seeing as as how portion control can single-handily transform your body and life altogether. Such a powerful dieting method should be promoted, assuming the promoter actually cares about your personal results.

I won’t continue to rant about the politics of the issue. What follows are simple guidelines that anyone can implement into their fitness and health routines. If implemented correctly, these guidelines will change lives.

Recommended Portions per Food Group
…this information can be easily researched.
The following guide is an excerpt from an article taken from Modern Health Tech.

Fruits: 2-3 servings per day of about a cup. If you make a fist you can get a general idea of how a cup of fruit would look like.

Vegetables: 2-3 servings per day of about two cups. Two fists will give a general idea of the size.

Grains: 6-10 servings per day of 1 to 1 ½ cups. A ½ a cup can be generally measured by using the palm of one’s hand.

Meats (protein): 2 servings per day of about 3 ounces. Three ounces can, again, be measured by using the palm of one’s hand.

Dairy: 2-3 servings per day of 1 cup of milk per day. Cheese should be eaten in 1 ½ ounce servings.

It’s important for me to mention that this information is rather general, but as it is, this guide will benefit greatly anyone who decides to use it.

As is included on my original post, I’ll include three simple facts to help newcomers to the health and fitness realm:

2,000 calories per day will maintain the current weight level

Anything more will cause weight gain

Anything less will cause weight loss

I know it’s common sense, but sometimes we need to be reminded of how simple life could be if we ignored mainstream America and just went back to living!

Until next time, Ciao

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App for weight loss

Found this AWESOME app to help you lose weight. It’s called LOSE IT.

I’ve been using it religiously lately. Havent lost too much weight but its great so far!

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Looking forward to more stuff!

I’m kinda getting the hang of this blog thing. Look out for more!

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How to get rid of yellow teeth – by ME!


teeth whitening

Yellow teeth can be a big turn off when you see your face in the morning. It shatters your confidence and the thing plays in your mind all the time. People with whom you deal with on a daily basis also find it unattractive. The affected people try all sorts of solution, but get no results. It is because of lack of research which this thing immensely requires. People need to find the best solution in order to quench their urge of knowing that how to get rid of yellow teeth.

The reasons behind yellowish teeth:

It is not viable to jump straight to the solution by not examining the reasons of yellowness in teeth. The main reasons can be your diet, oral hygiene and can also be genetic. Tooth is made from enamel, which is the outer white protective covering of the tooth and also dentin, which is a hard yellow thing covering that supports the nerves as well. The enamel and dentin together plays a pivotal role in the color of your teeth. If they are nurtured with a healthy diet and are genetically strong, then your teeth will be less yellowish, or in other words white. By the way, my source for all of this is a great site about teeth whitening. Modern health tech.

The home remedy for getting rid of yellow teeth:

The best and the most optimum solution is to use baking soda, which absolutely isn’t a shocker here. The chemical name of baking soda is sodium carbonate, which helps a lot in lessening the feeble yellowish texture of your teeth. It is mildly abrasive and some gentle scrubbing on your teeth would make them whiter in shade. It works by breaking down the enamel tissues which are the main hindrance in getting the whitening in your teeth.

The solution to be used would also require lemon juice apart from the baking soda. For preparation, take several baking soda teaspoons and add lemon juice to make a paste. You can also add a little bit of water as well. Before applying the mixture, you should use a tissue paper to wipe off your teeth and any saliva to make them completely dry. Now, take a toothbrush and apply the paste just as you would normally do using any other toothpaste. Scrub your teeth well and let the paste stay there for a couple of minutes before rinsing it. Thorough rinsing is desirable to get rid of the acid effecting enamel. One time use will show good results, but practice it regularly to get pure white teeth. Also try some whiteners from Crest!

Supplementary care:

The natural homemade remedies show good results, but it is also advised to the people having yellow teeth to take extra care. The extra care is desirable in their diet. The fizzy drinks and junk food can affect the health of your teeth and can make them look yellow. The more you delay, the denser the problem could become. Hopefully, this guide has helped you to know adequately as how to get rid of yellow teeth.

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Newest eating disorder: obsessive, extreme healthy eating – Videos

January 30, 2015, 10:15 AM|Doctors have encouraged healthy eating, but now some are concerned that some people are taking it too far. I consider this information is awesome. The idea actually covers my health situation proper now.CBS News medical contributor Dr. Holly Phillips joins CBSN to explain how the newest eating disorder is orthorexia, where people take healthy eating to an unhealthy extreme.

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My NEW Health Blog!

My friends have asked me to create a new health blog so, here we go! Please stay tuned for more tips, tricks and health strategies. I plan to become a life coach and nutritionist some day soon, so this is a great way to keep my finger on the pule of health related news.

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