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Are you sabatoging your weight loss success?

Sometimes I find myself failing over and over when trying to lose some extra pounds. Am I sabotaging myself? Sabotage. Isn’t that an ugly word? It means “deliberate subversion”, and I see and speak with people daily who do it … Continue reading

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Importance of Eating Reasonable Portion Sizes

I often hear horror stories about diet plans that cost a considerable amount of money and, in the end, simply…fail. It’s a common theme in this country. Americans are generally uneducated when it comes to fitness and health sciences. We’ve … Continue reading

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App for weight loss

Found this AWESOME app to help you lose weight. It’s called LOSE IT. I’ve been using it religiously lately. Havent lost too much weight but its great so far!

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Looking forward to more stuff!

I’m kinda getting the hang of this blog thing. Look out for more!

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How to get rid of yellow teeth – by ME!

Introduction: Yellow teeth can be a big turn off when you see your face in the morning. It shatters your confidence and the thing plays in your mind all the time. People with whom you deal with on a daily … Continue reading

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Newest eating disorder: obsessive, extreme healthy eating – Videos

January 30, 2015, 10:15 AM|Doctors have encouraged healthy eating, but now some are concerned that some people are taking it too far. I consider this information is awesome. The idea actually covers my health situation proper now.CBS News medical contributor … Continue reading

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My NEW Health Blog!

My friends have asked me to create a new health blog so, here we go! Please stay tuned for more tips, tricks and health strategies. I plan to become a life coach and nutritionist some day soon, so this is … Continue reading

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